It is love at first sight for us in Dubai. From the moment you leave the airport, Dubai is a big one. We post about our fun camel-riding adventures, belly dancing, jumping up and down in the desert. We have told you about a cultural heritage tour that takes us beyond luxury to the heart of the Old Dubai region. I might have mentioned, more than once, how extraordinary experience of seeing a dancing fountain at the Burj Kalifa. Now some tips, guides, things to do, places to stay and more on our travel page and Dubai blog.

The problem with Dubai is, you need one month to see and do everything. We cannot say that we have been there all that time, but we have been there 3 times, every time in transit in Bangkok, Singapore, Mumbai, Kathmandu and so on. Every time we have fun. Every time we do the same favorite things and add some experience and travel. Here is our summary of things to do in Dubai to help you plan your Dubai trip.

We will definitely return to taste more, including beaches and water parks and to experience more high-quality accommodation, food and services that make Dubai a prominent destination. We will also take more tours, there is plenty to take out of Dubai to the surrounding area.

Dubai Blog and Travel Guide
Where to Stay in Dubai
This is a bit complicated because most are personal tastes. There are several beach resort hotels that are very luxurious for holiday makers but there are also thousands of choices in various areas of the city and at The Creek. It really depends on what you want to get from your trip. For a great Dubai experience, try to see Atlantis the Palm or Burj al Arab on Jumeira Beach, you will need a big wallet but it will be an experience that will never be forgotten.

We tend to go to apartment-style hotels for a few days' stopover. They include kitchens and washing machines, which make our lives easier and towards a more budget-friendly end. Golden Sands apartment series hotels in Bur Dubai are popular and usually have swimming pools. They are far from the beach but in the central area. Consider transportation options. As a family of four, we usually find taxis easier and cheaper than metro Dubai.

Drive around Dubai
Dubai has two metro, red and green lines, which cover most of the tourist areas in and around the city. The red line goes south as far as Jebel Ali. Ticket per zone. For tourists, you can buy a red ZERO card that allows travel on all metro, bus and tram networks. You can load your card first with the amount of money and zone you want to use. I don't really recommend to take the metro because for us it's always crowded. Every time we use it, we have to wait for a few full trains to pass before we can continue the journey. Women's special trains do not offer any benefits when traveling with family.

Taxis are a convenient way to get around the city if you only go to several places. For families with 4 people, it costs no more than the metro. All meters and you don't have to bargain. Be careful during peak hours when you can get stuck on one of the many big roads in traffic jams. Public buses throughout Dubai but unless you really know where you are going I will not be worried. The ZERO card will include bus trips if you want to travel.

Arrive at Dubai Airport

Dubai has two airports located at the end of the city. Dubai International Airport with the DXB code and the newer Al Makthoum International Airport with DWC code. Dubai International (DXB) is the main airport and is one of the busiest in the world in terms of international tourists. The total terminal is 3 and terminals 1 and 3 (specifically Emirates and Qantas) are connected by foot but terminal 2 is on the other side of the airport.

Getting into Dubai from DXB is easy with several options from taxis, private rental, buses and even metro trains that stop at terminals 1 and 3 or terminal 2 on separate lines. Transfers between terminal 1 & 3 and terminal 2 require a shuttle bus so that it allows a lot of time.

DWC is located about 50 km south of the old city and is not well connected to the transportation network. The easiest option on arrival is to take a taxi directly to your hotel. This is more expensive than a taxi from DXB. Not many airlines use new airports and the possibility of flying here is not high.

If you need to connect between DWC and DXB then you can take the metro line as far south as Ibn Battuta and then the special bus directly to the airport. Obviously it's the same in reverse. Please duplicate all this information for yourself, we do our best to stay up to date, but cannot guarantee this. I would not recommend this if you have a lot of luggage. Another option is taxis that are expensive and take a long time. Give plenty of time because traffic in Dubai can often be quiet depending on the time of day.