Rafting on the Ayung River, Treated by Heavy Forests to Wild Animals

UBUD - In addition to marine tourism, Bali also has other tourism activities to test the courage that is sought after by both foreign and local tourists, namely rafting destinations. Usually this tourist activity is carried out along the river in the North Badung region or in the Ubud area.

One of the rivers which is a non-coastal sports spot is the Ayung River which flows from the Payangan area, Gianyar and empties into the Badung Strait. The river has a length of about 62.5 kilometers and through three districts in Bali.

Along the Ayung River, especially in the upper reaches of the river, this river is widely used as a spot for white water rafting. One of them is Ayung Dewata Raffting which is located in Ubud Village, Gianyar Regency. So what is the excitement of testing the guts in this Ayung River stream?

Trying this rafting with Ayung Dewata Rafting, tourists visiting Bali will be spoiled with a variety of facilities and exciting experiences.

As stated by Agung Wahyuni, one of the staff of Ayung Dewata Rafting, as one of the operators of rafting providers, Ayung Dewata Rafting strives to provide the best service to its customers. "For service facilities, we strive to provide the best to our customers, so that customers can carry out activities comfortably," he explained.

The facilities prepared include free pick up facilities from hotels where guests stay, rafting equipment, insurance and free mineral water. If guests want to enjoy lunch, Ayung Dewata will also provide buffet lunch facilities.

For their own activities, before rafting began, Wahyuni ​​said the participants would be briefed by the instructor. In this briefing session, participants will be introduced to rafting equipment used such as life jackets, paddles, inflatable boats, sitting positions on boats, how to save themselves if the boat is overturned. "As well as other matters relating to the comfort and safety of rafting participants," he continued.

After this briefing session, rafting participants will be invited to go to the rafting area which is in the ayung river flow located in Tanggayuda Village, Kedewatan, Ubud. To reach the location of this rafting, participants will be invited to walk for 30 minutes through the community rice fields.

Although passing through the plantation area and the road being passed is quite steep, Wahyuni ​​said if the access road to the rafting location is quite good. "From the location of the briefing to the location of the rafting, we provide concrete steps, so the road is not slippery," he explained.

After arriving at the location, participants will be divided into several groups, one group for one inflatable boat with capacities of four to six people and accompanied by one instructor. After completion, rafting activities will begin with a travel time of 2 hours from the start point to finish point with a distance of about 10 kilometers.

During walking along the Ayung River, participants will be invited to try the swift currents of the river with some quite difficult terrain. "While exploring this river, we will provide the opportunity for participants to take photos in several spots, starting from the background of a waterfall, steep grooves to the background of the typical Ayung River cliff," he explained.

In addition to enjoying the swift river Ayung, during the journey to the end of the Rafting, participants will be treated to a variety of sights, ranging from dense village forest, cliffs to the Ayung River equipped with Balinese carvings, and if lucky, participants can see some wild animals and wild birds who are still living freely around the forest of Ubud Village.